President of Malaysian Arthroscopy Society

Dear Esteemed Members of the Malaysian Arthroscopy Society,

I am honored and privileged to address you as the newly-elected President of the Malaysian Arthroscopy Society (MAS). First and foremost, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Datuk Dr. Mohd Asri Abd Ghapar, our esteemed immediate past president, for his exemplary leadership and dedication in steering the society through its remarkable 10-year journey. Under his guidance, MAS has flourished with excellence and achieved significant milestones. I am truly thankful for his contributions.

As I step into the role of the 6th President of MAS, I am deeply grateful for the trust and confidence you have placed in me. It is with great enthusiasm and commitment that I take on this responsibility. Over the next two years, I pledge to lead our society with a vision of progress and innovation, ensuring that MAS continues to thrive and excel in the field of Sports Injury and Arthroscopic Surgery in Malaysia.

I want to express my sincere appreciation to each member of MAS. Your support and active participation are essential for the success of our society. Together, we will work towards a future marked by achievements, growth, and mutual bnefit. I am excited about the prospect of a prolific and fast-paced journey ahead, and I am confident that, with your cooperation, we will elevate MAS to new heights.

To achieve our shared goals, I call upon the full cooperation of every MAS member. Your insights, experiences, and dedication are invaluable. As your president, I am here to serve you, and I encourage open communication and collaboration. Together, we can shape MAS into the leading medical society for Orthopedic Practice in Malaysia.

Additionally, I extend a special call to the current council members. Your role is pivotal in guiding MAS towards a future of excellence. Let us work closely together, pooling our expertise and efforts, to shape the trajectory of the society not only for the next two years but for the next decade and beyond. Your commitment is crucial to the success of our collective vision.

In closing, I am excited about the journey ahead and the potential for MAS to make a lasting impact in our field. I look forward to working hand in hand with each of you, the esteemed members and council, as we embark on this exciting chapter in the history of the Malaysian Arthroscopy Society.

Thank you for your trust, and let us collectively strive for greatness.


Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Nizlan bin Mohd Nasir
Malaysian Arthroscopy Society
2023 - 2025